Ginseng Kianpi Pil - reviews.

modern market offers a wide selection of tools and supplies that make it possible to gain muscle mass.Of course, not all of the range presented is safe, and therefore preparations for the recruitment of muscle mass you need to choose the right.

What is sports nutrition?

At its core is a balanced complex of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are essential for athletes.They are created on the basis of advanced technologies in the food industry.Of course, many may say that to apply them life-threatening, and gain muscle mass can be more gentle way.But in fact, sports nutrition - a useful supplement for those who lead an active lifestyle, as they contribute to the rapid recovery of the athlete and replenishment of consumed energy after training.

normal diet will not give the athlete the elements that actually allow him to gain weight.True, and preparations for the recruitment of muscle mass you need to take the right, namely in conjunction with well-constructed system of training and dieti

ng.Just as sports nutrition will effectively achieve results.

Myths and Reality

For many sports nutrition - it's worthless supplements, which negatively affect the condition of the body.In fact, sports supplements - it is an opportunity to improve your diet, it is important to make the right choice:

  1. Sports nutrition is necessary not only to those who want to build muscle, but also those who are constantly trained, especially if the load on the body severe.
  2. sports supplements allow compensate for the lack of protein and other substances in the body.
  3. Good sports nutrition is based on whey and other organic dairy products, where are the most useful substances.
  4. modern sports nutrition can be very different: for example, "Ginseng kianpi drinking" - a capsule and BSN True-Mass - this milkshake.

Sports nutrition comes from China

As you know, most types of sports nutrition products based on milk.However, the methods of traditional medicine is always in trend, and because some brands offer products created on the basis of plant extracts.So, Ginseng kianpi pil reviews received positive because a natural base.This herbal supplements need to strengthen the body and increase muscle mass.You can use this tool in a few cases:

- if you want to increase muscle mass;

- to increase endurance;

- to enhance the appetite;

- during post-cycle recovery;

- for strengthening immunity.

In addition, many say that the use of capsules enhances athletic performance and improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.However, very often about Ginseng kianpi pil reviews found negative.They are caused by the fact that, according to research in the medium contains potent substances, and counterfeit capsules found a lot of data.

What is a drug?

The preparation Ginseng kianpi pil (capsule) is to collect medicinal herbs, and the main ingredient is ginseng.Working for a long time it was conducted in a clinical setting, while being based on the methods of traditional Chinese medicine in which much attention is paid herbs and extracts from them.The medicinal effect of funds aimed at achieving several tasks:

  1. general strengthening of the organism and the immune system.
  2. regeneration after severe diseases and physical activity.
  3. Adjustment vital systems and organs.

drug Ginseng kianpi pil instruction requires taking people who have weakened health, as well as athletes who need the support of the body, including after long and hard training.

herbal ingredients in this product consists of potent herbs, including natural ginseng.Each element has its effect on the body, so the choice of these capsules should consult a doctor.The presence of "Ginseng kianpi saw" wild angelica helps effects on the inner shell of light, with this herb has a diaphoretic and diuretic.In addition, studies have shown that angelica different antitumor and antioxidant activity.

directly ginseng helps to speed up the metabolic processes of the body, while improving the immune system and contributing to the rapid recovery of the body after major loads.Girchovnik vaginal different spreading effect on the coronary arteries, in addition, it has analgesic and diuretic effect.The spectrum of action of Cordyceps Chinese unusually wide.It acts on the pituitary gland, increases blood flow to the brain, stimulates the production of hormones, improves and speeds up the metabolism.

Thanks kodonopisu forest increases the level of development of immunoglobulin and other immunostimulants, while accelerating protein synthesis.Thus, in combination, these herbs and other extracts contribute to the fact that the preparation of Ginseng kianpi pil reviews mostly positive.

What are the downsides?

This drug after its introduction has caused many otlkikov like ordinary users and specialists.Numerous studies have been conducted in the course of elucidating the various interesting things.For example, there were many rumors that most of the drugs Ginseng kianpi pil - forgery that its constituent components more dangerous than useful.For example, a high concentration of cyproheptadine affects the stimulation of appetite, asarone carcinogenic and betamethasone can cause allergies and lead to body fat.On the other hand, experts say that such results are obtained because of counterfeiting.That is, it turns out that buying a tool that can harm your body.

What does the brand Ginseng kianpi pil

Feedback from those who have used this drug, most often, they are unanimous.For example, many point out that during the application of funds they collected about 5-7 kg, with a better appetite, increased power and performance, and the immune system as a whole has become stronger.To achieve effective results, one should take one capsule in the first day and one night.Those who have already applied this additive, said that the strong growth of appetite for one capsule is small.This is probably due to the small dose of herbs in a single capsule.

second point about Ginseng kianpi pil - like to take this drug?Many of habit begin taking capsules in the morning and in the evening, considering that they will be affected equally.In fact, it does not provide a means of increasing the effect, and therefore it is best to take it at night.Since Ginseng kianpi pil improves digestion, accelerating the digestion of food, then they should take it before going to bed because of overnight drug performs all of its functions.


Like any other drug, it has Ginseng kianpi pil side effects.They appear due to the fact that the product contains plant strong action.Therefore, it should be applied starting with the lowest dose.This will avoid allergies and other side effects.Therefore, you should think twice before taking Ginseng kianpi pil.Comments about it are so varied that it is necessary to study them thoroughly.

Other drugs to increase muscle mass

Today, there are plenty of tools to gain weight without adverse effects on the body.The most popular of them - this protein is a concentrated protein.Use it very convenient: immediately after exercise you need to drink a protein shake, which is easy to digest.It is considered the cheapest protein concentrate which contains 95% protein.More expensive drugs - hydrolyzate.Popular with athletes enjoyed casein.He is entering the stomach turns into a clot, which is a long time to digest.That is why it should be taken at night.

Gainers also in demand, and they are a combination of protein and carbohydrates.Usually Gainers used by those who want to build muscle as quickly as possible.Carbohydrates store energy, and Creatine take it over.This optimal composition and allows you to quickly "build" muscles.

variation considered BCAA protein and amino acids, however, they are expensive, and therefore it is better to choose a quality protein.The main feature of BCAA - is drying the body and control the splitting of muscle - when burned fat and muscle mass is maintained.One of the most effective means can be considered creatine, which plays a major role in the energy and muscle work.It is produced in the body and naturally, though it is small and is consumed quickly, so taking creatine, you can help the body in a quick recovery.In any case, the purchase of sports nutrition should prefer high-quality products of the manufacturers, which are present on the market for a long time.A different SUPERMIX purchase is not necessary, since they are not cheap, but the effect of these zero.Besides it is not necessary to resort to sports nutrition, because you can gain muscle mass and more harmless ways.